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Cornish beam engines - understand continued use
Hello all Can you help me understand something about Cornish beam engines? Studying about Cornish beam engines. I was working in Cornwall this year, so the interest gripped me. As you'll be knowing,...
4 months ago 37
The new wire
Flux core 309L that is . Well , I can run a halfway decent bead but I don't like the way it looks ... I get good penetration if I vee the joint , but if I wander off center I don't get good fusion on...
5 months ago 19
MIG wire
A roll of flux core 309l wire should be arriving in today's mail . I'll soon know if it will be the solution to my project . I hope it is , I'm a much better MIG welder than TIG . I've been practicing...
5 months ago 8
SS MIG revisited
Turns out the only way I'm going to get a decent weld with the .023 solid SS wire is to get a bottle of trimix ... which ain't happening . Instead , I ordered a 1 lb roll of 309L flux core wire . It...
5 months ago 5
Solar Flux review
This is the stuff we were discussing a few days ago . I tried it out just a few minutes ago , and it works as advertised . There is no sugaring on the back side of the piece of 1 3/4 stainless tube I...
5 months ago 3
Off to the Shop
This morning I hauled all my parts to the machine shop , and I really liked what I saw . Cluttered with motor parts , but neatly and everything was well marked . They have all the right machines ,...
5 months ago
Feelin' Cranky
Because the crank in my pickup is trashed . And from the looks of the camshaft this isn't the first time my son has run it low/out of oil (a long and sordid tale) . This is my '86 GMC Sierra 1500 ,...
5 months ago 11
MIG welding SS
I'm getting a start on fabbing a new exhaust for my truck (currently down for an engine rebuild/hopup) . This morning I set my Lincoln Weldpak 100 up to run a couple of beads on the header collector...
5 months ago 15
File dragging test
Hi, Interesting youtube video on file dragging here (21 minutes): I'll keep on filing the same as I always have. And yeah, most of the time I'm a light dragger ;-) === Fireball Tool I put files to the...
5 months ago 1
spray transfer min. current - 1.0mm and 1.2mm steel wire
Hi there Is the transition to spray transfer at a lower current with a smaller 1.0mm diameter (39thou) wire than with 1.2mm (47thou) wire? With Ar-15%CO2 I reckon it's 1.2mm dia -> 240A 1.0mm dia ->...
5 months ago 2
Who Buys from Reid Supply
I haven't check on them in a while, but I still get periodic SPAM from their master overlord company. I never bought much from them. Back when I did this strictly as a hobby pennies counted, and just...
5 months ago 1
Magnetic Indicator Back
In the past I made a complicated (not that complicated) sliding bar mount that bolted directly to my mid size lathe. On it I had an dial indicator with a 2 inch range. It actually worked very well...
6 months ago 10
Still More Metal Working - Bench Top Belt Grinders - 1x30 vs 1x40
When it comes to 1 inch belt grinders is there any inherent benefit of one over another? The two common sizes appear to be 1x30 and 1x42. I think a 1x30 can be built to be more compact and a 1x42...
6 months ago 3
WARNING: Metalworking Revisited - Deburring With Surface Conditioning Products - HARBOR FREIGHT SURPRISE
Off Topic Portion: The warning is for trolls like the one who replied once to the last metalworking post confused and finding the title hard to read. Hopefully when trolls realize its real metal...
6 months ago 10
Engines are metal too ...
Looks like my near future metalworking is going to be building a motor for my truck . My son had it down in Memphis , an oil pressure sensor failed and it dumped all the oil , resulting in...
6 months ago