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Wood Chipper Blades
picked up a 50 year old Sears Shredder and Bagger. 3.5 HP. Little fucker is in great shape. Ran some Seafoam in ethanol free fuel trough it which cleared up carburation issues and runs great for an...
1 month ago 1
Barrel Lids
I've got half a dozen old steel chemical barrels (they were used to ship Roundup) that have been rinsed out. I'd like to cut the top out of two or three of them to organize scrap metal. Wrought,...
1 month ago 16
LAHD Drawer Slides
I'm working (in stages) on a big work bench and storage unit to go the full length of the back wall of my shop. I originally planned a single monolithic steel top bench 56 feet long. I've since...
1 month ago 5
Crown Stove Door Springs Needed
I have a brown, double door, 4 burner Crown stove. The doors no longer have their springs and fall open. They are heavy and dangerous. Does anyone know where I can get springs for these doors? Thanks....
1 month ago 2
Brush suppliers
I need a brush for the motor in a Rigid-branded shopvac. It's 250 mils by 318 mils, and about an inch long with braided tail out the end. The holder has the spring so the brush does not need one. I...
1 month ago 10
About My Delta bench grinder.
Hi everyone just bought a Delta bench grinder a few weeks ago & to be honest was a bargain I think ?. The problem is I can find any information regarding the Delta grinder I got , the model number...
1 month ago 1
Motor Almost finished !
I still have to bolt the intake on , motor mounts and some bracketry and I'll be ready to drop Mr Motor back into his home . The trans turned out to need a complete rebuild , got it back a couple of...
1 month ago 5
Marine batteries
After reading many nearly useless reviews I bought the only SLI31MDP that Batteries+Bulbs had, and then a hopefully similar/identical O'Reilly Super Start 31DCM. AFAICT they are both made by East Penn...
1 month ago 6
Shelf life
Today was torque-the-heads and adjust-the-valves day . Well , until I figured out the NOS TRW VL-37 tappets I have are probably not going to work . Right part , but it appears they have been on the...
1 month ago
And now a word from my transmission :
I NEED A REBUILD! I dropped it off at a shop some weeks back , only to discover recently that the business had changed hands - and the new owner was not informed about my transmission . We got that...
1 month ago 9
Harrison L 6 change wheels
Wanted 127 Teeth Change wheel for the Harrison L6 Wanted 127 Teeth Change wheel for the Harrison L6
1 month ago 1
The Rebuild Begins
I finally got the rest of my motor back on Friday ... Today was spent getting the block mounted on the stand so I could work on it , then on to installing the crank . Plastigage on every single...
2 months ago 7
VV-C-846 A Amendment 1 Cutting Fluid
I ran across a "deal" on a couple 5 gallon pails of this stuff. Sealed and unopened. Inspection Date 1992. (I paid the asking price, but it was pretty cheap.) VV-C-846 A Amendment 1 Cutting Fluid...
2 months ago
Well it's about time !
Let's build a motor ! I finally got all my parts back from the machine shop today , tomorrow I start to assemble my 305 . Actually it's a 315 now , since it's bored .060" over , but the main thing is...
2 months ago 1
Throw Away Mill
Ok, I have a project I've been wanting to do for a little while. Making a short series of videos on making some useful injection molds using a small manual milling machine. Something basically at the...
2 months ago 29