robotics invention sys 1.5

I have Lego's mindstorms 1.5 and it works on win 98 SE but when I installed
on a PC with XP, T get al black screen with ..loading.....
I need the update 3805 from Lego. Where cane I download it?
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Peter, looks like this is a subtle way of telling you to upgrade to RIS 2.0 software - the part number for that is 3805. You can apparently order it online from Lego, or if you're in the UK, Maplin's were selling the 2.0 cdrom separately a while back, which is where I got mine from.
From the Mindstorms site:
Can I upgrade Robotics Invention System 1.0 to Robotics Invention System 2.0?
"You can upgrade 1.0 to 2.0 by ordering the 1.5 to 2.0 upgrade kit, part number 3805, from
formatting link
The 2.0 firmware will work with the 1.0 RCX. Note that while this will upgrade the software, you will not be able to build all the projects, since the parts required only came with the 1.5 or 2.0 Robotics Invention System. The only way to insure that you would have all the parts would be to purchase the full Robotics Invention System 2.0 or use other LEGO elements from your LEGO Collection.
Hope this helps.
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"Graham" skrev i en meddelelse news:
I have tried to get the part no. 3805 from Lego too. But it seems to be taken of the marked. I have the Mindstorms version 1.5, and wish to upgrade to 2.0, since the programming environment/"language" should be better.
When you go to
formatting link
and search for item no 3805, the ansver is: Oops: Your form could not be submitted for the following reasons: a.. 3805: This product is not available.
I also tried to contact Lego on a support form. The result was, that they sent me the CD for Vision Command, wich I should have no use of, since I haven't got the Vision Command set. (Allthough I think I can use it, since I also have the Lego Studios - set, which uses the same camera...I think. :-)
So finally I contacted Lego by phone, and got the ansver... that 3805 is withdrawn, and they couldn't get it for me. So I'm in the same situation. I want the 3805, and I am willing to pay (a fair price) for it, but where do I get it.
Can anybody out there help me?
Best regards
Morten Simoni
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Morten Simoni
Hi' again...
I just made a new search, and found it on this adress:
formatting link
The price is $26.70, which seems fair, so I ordered it. Now I am waiting, and I hope to have it for the holyday.
If I DON'T get it, you will hear from me again...
Best regards
Morten Simoni
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Morten Simoni
I have Mindstorms v 1.5 too, but I had no problem installing it on seems having no trouble using it too. perhaps you should install also the quicktime versions on the CD. they are definitely needed to run it. install them even if you have the last QT...they won't cancel it and maybe they'd make your Mindstorms software work... best wishes.
P.S. I hope I'm not too late... :-)
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Andrea Mascellani
I was cheated. I payed the $26.70 and has never received the product!!! Now the webshop isn't there anymore, and I have never heard from them again, so I guess it was fraud!
So I'm still looking for Lego item # 3805...
Since LEGO hasn't the product anymore, I'm looking for it second hand.
Regards Morten Simoni
"Morten Simoni" skrev i en meddelelse news:41bf8074$0$38211$
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Morten Simoni

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