After market power feed.

I bought a power feed for my milling machine from CDCO of Tower Road Schaumburg , Illinois .

Being in Australia I recieved it about 10 days after I paid the invoice. On opening the box I noticed the lack of decent packaging and there was some evidence of damage from some of the loose parts in the box hitting against the main unit.The parts and main unit were in normal plastic bags and he had put about a dozen of those foam peanuts in there which did nothing . I immediately e-mailed the owner and told him of the damage he replied saying that customs must have opened the parcel and removed the packaging . Well there was no "opened by customs" sticker so I would guess it was x rayed and not opened. I decided I could fix the cracked plastic cover and would live with the scratches . I decided to do a test fitiing the next night and found to my dismay that the mongrel thing does not fit my machine .I e-mailed him again and told him of the situation ,and said that I would send it back and take the value of the power feed in other good rather than a monetary refund. He replied that I should "sell it to my friends.: I replied that I did not have any friends that have milling machines and that I reside in a remote out back town and that I have no chance to sell it on .(like who would want to buy a damaged unit anyway). I asked If he had a unit that would fit my machine and sent an attached image of my mill. He replied that I should take a picture of it and sell it on Ebay Australia.

On futher investigation ,I will be able to fit it to my machine but it's going to be a major modification and manufacturing a new mounting bracket, and mods to the bevel drive gear to get it to fit . I will also be unable to fit the table hand crank wheel back on with the power feed in place.

Any way I have given up on this dog and am warning anyone contemplating purchasing any thing from him to steer well clear of him . He dosen't mind taking your money but when it comes to after sales service , well,he has none. I am also looking at lodging a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission which has an international consumer protection agreement with Australian Consumer protection group.

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My sympathies. Always a problem when you make an international purchase. For EU sellers there is the "Distance Selling Directive" which gives purchasers the right to return, without any specific reason, any mail order purchase within a specified time. Can't be sure it would apply to a purchaser outside the EU, but hopefully it does.

In your case, I have no idea whether there is any similar law in the state of Illinois. However, assuming you bought by credit card, you could try contacting them; they may agree to give you a refund and simply take back the credit from the seller if you return the item. Got to be worth a try.


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