Al soldering rods

Hi, did any of you test the durafix aluminium soldering rods? The video
looks quite promisingen.
All the best for 2010,
PS I don't have anything to do with that brand, but can't refer to it
without mentioning it.
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I've used it for gap filling in aluminium parts and it's been very successful.
It remains quite thick when molten though, so needs very careful placement and manipulation to ensure a full joint.
My few attempts at joints have resulted in quite a large amount of excess filler, which then needs to be ground off.
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Adrian Harris
I used the Technoweld stuff to fabricate a tight bend manifold for a model engine,messed up the first time but was okay on the second attempt.
I used the smallest propane nozzle I have for the second attempt and found it a lot better.I put a tack on one side and then another opposite to it and went round the joint like that. You just have to remember that it's the heat in the job that melts it and not the flame. Cup Alloys also do a solder that you can use with a soldering iron,but melts at a lower temperature.
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