Angle Grinder Question

Hoping someone with some sense can help.
I've being having problems for a long while now with 4 1/2" and 9" angle
grinders that I cannot seem to fix.
The trouble lays with the grinder 'snatching' while using metal cutting
discs. Recently, I had a new 9" disc burst when the grinder suddenly
snatched. Good job I was wearing goggles. Am I using the grinder 'upside
down' ? and thereby the disc revolving the wrong way?
The snatching seems to only be when I've been cutting a while ..... is it
because I have relaxed my grip? and holding it too loose?
I've just cut some concrete blocks and the same thing happened with the
Any helpful comments welcome, especially where safety is concerned.
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OOOoooppss. Sorry folks Brad
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I've had a similar problem in the past. The disks have an expiry date - I never understood why. I believe that the matrix holding the disk together degrades owing to the environment....moisture etc. Now I only keep a small stock such that they don't go out of date. have you checked the expiry date of the disks?
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