Angle Grinder Question

Hoping someone with some sense can help.
I've being having problems for a long while now with 4 1/2" and 9" angle
grinders that I cannot seem to fix.
The trouble lays with the grinder 'snatching' while using metal cutting
discs. Recently, I had a new 9" disc burst when the grinder suddenly
snatched. Good job I was wearing goggles. Am I using the grinder 'upside
down' ? and thereby the disc revolving the wrong way?
The snatching seems to only be when I've been cutting a while ..... is it
because I have relaxed my grip? and holding it too loose?
I've just cut some concrete blocks and the same thing happened with the
Any helpful comments welcome, especially where safety is concerned.
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Holding loosely will make things worse.
Allowing the blade to tilt to the side will lead to breakages.
Allowing the blade to "dig itself into a hole" so that a larger length of the blade is in contact and, particularly, some of the blade forward of the centre line. will cause it to jump. The cutting part of the blade will ideally be the part at the centre line to just on your side of it. keep the blade moving so that the cut surface stays flat, rather than hole shaped.
Might not be correct, but it works fairly well for me.
Mark Rand RTM
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Mark Rand
I have used one but am not an expert. It is, however, the weapon of choice in uk.d-i-y where you should get a long thread started...
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Hi, thanks for that. I'm thinking that I'm actually using the grinder upside down. Should the arrow on the gearbox point upwards? I'm using the grinders by holding the trigger in my right hand, and the handle in the left hand. The gearbox is to the left with the blade to it's right. The arrow on the gearbox is pointing upwards. I've tried the grinder the other way around and it make the snatching much worse. Confused again. Brad
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It doesn't matter what way up you hold the grinder. The arrow is only to tell you which way the blade turns.
Snatching is a feature of angle grinders. Main tips to limit are- * slowly touch into sharp corners (ie the corner of square bars) * try and keep as little of the blade sticking through the material as possible (ie. grind along the surface of a plate, rather then grinding in from the end) * when you're cutting deep stuff where a high proportion of the blade is in/through the material, keep the grinder as inline with the cut as possible. It only takes a very slight bit twist and the blade will snatch/jam in the grove. * Don't force the grinder into the material.
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I wonder are you "pushing" the grinder? When I use one I pull it, so the arrow points down with the dust / sparks going between my legs and off behind me, I then shuffle backwards on a long cut. Holding the grinder same as you but blade on the left and the side handle pointing up.
I don't put hardly any pressure downwards, and allow the weight of the grinder to do the work. I also strongly echo Mark's comments about not allowing the front of the blade to cut or twisting /
tilting it.
I'm a bit OTT when it comes to safty but in 15 years I have only ever have 1 disc explode on me, and that was my fault, however I don't use the abasive disks for stone and only diamond. For metal I will only use a disk less than 6 months old and only then if I can guarantee myself that it has been stored correctly and not been knocked or bumped. I also never slow the disk after cutting by pressing it against something, and I'm always careful when I put the grinder down not to bang or rest it on the disk. Also disks usually have to run in a particular direction, marked by arrows on the disk.
Again, might not be right, but works OK for me! Graham
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Hi, I have had my 4.5" 600 watt grinder snatch badly a few times, I wouldn't like to use a more powerful one. I was looking for a replacement a while ago and found that Metabo are the only angle grinder maker that I know of that has a "mechanical safety clutch for operator safety". I have seen them in the Axminster catalogue. I think that this must be to stop the problem that you are having. Please note I have no connection with Axminster or Metabo. Hope this helps Dave
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Hi, thanks for that, I'll check it out ....... I still think I'm using the grinder/s 'upside down' ..... but using it the 'right way up' feels very awkward indeed. Cheers. Brad
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The only reason it's snatching is because you are frightened to death of the thing. If you ease up the slightest they will snatch, hint it's a revolving blade that has an equal reactive force.
Grab the thing and wring it's neck and it won't snatch. It's a question of mind over matter.
Do you own a Reliant ?
John S.
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John S
Hi John Yes, I think you have a real point there, when confidence is high, all is well. Once it snags, confidence is low and it snags even more. Point taken, and I'll ring the buggers neck as you say. All a matter of wills, I suppose. And, no ..... I don't have a Reliant .... just a little Ford Scorpio Cosworth. Thanks again .. Brad
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