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Hi all,
I need to buy a roll of bandsaw-blade for my Dewalt benchtop saw, 150 mm dia
wheels, similar to the old Burgess one, as all my bades are past it.
I can get 0.44 mm/ 12 thou thick and also 0.12 mm/ 5 thou.1/4" width. I
have used the thicker one for the last 15 yrs without problem-but, I join my
blades with silver solder, the blades rarely break on the join, but the
whole length eventually becomes fatigued and starts to snap with annoying
frequency ( over weeks of use). Question is do I get the thinner blade to
have better flexibility over the small drive wheels but have a trickier
joining process or stick with the thicker tried and trusted and live with
the the limited life of the material as the teeth must be about done when
this starts to happen.
100 foot roll costs just under £50 giving me 20 blades.
Any useful opinions welcome.
Mark G.
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Mark G
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