Bending metal

Hi all
I need to bend a piece of metal to give a
finished dimension of 4.125 x 2.937 with a
bend along the short side of 0.437
The metal in question is 0.125 thick steel
any ideas?
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Take it to a metal-basher and get it done properly. You're not going to do that very easily or accurately in a vice, and for the sake of a fiver or whatever it seems daft to struggle with it.
10g steel with a short side near the bend needs a decent bender, probably a hand folder won't do it, you'd need a power press bender. Have you anyone near you that does sheet metal work or fabrication?
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Peter A Forbes
I assumed that the length of the fold is just under 3" I imagine you could bend this in a mechanics vice if you leave it long and machine off the surplus afterwards but it depends what radius and finish you require.
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Bend it first then finish to your dimensions.
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Neil Ellwood

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