Brazing Hearth

I've just picked up a brazing hearth that I bought and I have a question.
It's the standard type of thing, a metal tray with sides and back lined with
fire bricks (the light white ones). In the centre there is a circular
section, around 8" across, where the bricks lift out and a circular section
of the steel base unbolts to leave a hole in the centre of the hearth. Is
this just for keeping long items vertical (eg putting ends in a boiler) or
does it have any other use?
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Kevin Steele
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Sounds a very sensible design as trying to put either a tube plate on a boiler barrel or a backplate on a boiler will mean your working position is too high unless you stand on something (and then the hearth is usually way below the work) or as in your case it fits into the hole.
I expect that improvisation may also make it useful as a crucible holder if you are smelting ........
...... or for having a torch underneath into an enclosed housing to get to uniform hardening temperatures .....
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Alan Marshall
It sounds like a place where a turntable could be installed, if you ask me. So you can rotate a workpiece to braze several joints on it.
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Alaric Snell-Pym

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