Bridgeport for sale, and machine moving ideas sought!

Hi all,
I have recently scored a Matchmaker 700 CNC mill for free. :^)
This gives me an interesting set of challenges.
Firstly, my Bridgie has to go. So, I'm open to offers. It's in North
Herts, near Hitchin. It's a 3-phase machine, with an R8 taper. I'm
offering is without tooling, although I'm again open to offers on the
various collets and so on that I have for it. There's a fair amount of
backlash in the X and Y screws, I've been meaning to sort that out, or
fit a DRO. What can I say? You get used to it...
It's got power feed on the X axis, and the power downfeed works.
It's currently powered up, so feel free to come and have a play with it
if you want to see it action.
Moving it will be... interesting. I have a local farmer with a Manitou
forklift who may be able to help. I also have an engine crane that will
definitely help.
Now, my *other* problem. The Matchmaker seems to weigh between 1 and 2
tons, and my local machinery moving chappies seem reluctant to quote on
it. Any ideas for getting it out of the factory that it's in, and into
my garage? I need to inconvenience the current owner as little as
possible during the move. I think I'm going to have to remove the motor
to get it into the garage.
Second question, does anyone know what the power requirements for this
are? I have a static converter for the Bridgie, but I think I may need
something a little more butch for the new toy!
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Nigel Eaton
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Nigel You're very local to me, I only wish I had the height to put a Bridgie in my workshop but unfortunately I'm limited by a 6'6" ceiling; if you need a machinery mover in the area, look up Paul Watler in Hinxworth, he moved my Elliot 1250 from Manchester to Baldock for a reasonable price and even rolled it into place exactly where I wanted it. Martin
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Martin Whybrow
In article , Martin Whybrow writes
Put a chimney on it! ;^)
Great, thanks very much. I'll give him a shout on Tuesday.
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Nigel Eaton
I took the motor of a MatchMaker many years ago ( different model), and it was not an easy job. I can't remember what the exact problem was, but I know I was tempted to cut the drive belt to make things easier. Luckily I didn't as when the engineer visited later, he said that most people did, without realising the cost of a new belt was several hundred pounds.
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John Woodison

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