Electric Toothbrush

There used to be a series of sayings.. "You know you're getting old
when....." followed by something like ".....you bend down to tie your laces
and wonder what else you can usefully do while you're down there"
Today I realized how quickly one can get left behind by the pace of
modern technology - blink and you've missed it! Earlier, I casually picked
up an electric toothbrush belonging to a friend. It was seated onto a
small plastic pedestal which was wired into the mains, and obviously
contained a charger. The connection between the brush body and the charger
was by means of a solid plastic spigot on the charger being entered into a
socket in the base of the plastic body, there was no metal to metal
connection of any sort.
I assume the body contains a rechargeable battery. How is the
current passed into the brush body to recharge the battery - by induction?
Do any other products work this way? How much current can be transmitted?
How long has this technology been available?
Sigh......I have absolutely no idea how this thing works, what
else have I missed? Will the horseless carriage catch on? Answers on a
postcard, please...... :}
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Chris Edwards
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Think of it as a two-part mains transformer...the primary is in the base that plugs into the mains and the secondary is in the bottom of the toothbrish handle. The plastic spigot is almost certainly hiding a soft iron armature of some kind under its plastic skin.
No magic involved...no "new" technology...the currents will be low - trickle-charge level.
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree
Not very complex AFAIK. One half (primary) of a transformer is in the pedestal and the other half (secondary) is in the toothbrush - inductive coupling and a silicon rectifier does the rest. As to how efficient and how much current - I'll leave that to the real experts.
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Norman Billingham
easier way!"
They've done away with corn stooks round 'ere abouts and are making big carpet rolls that they leave in the fields. No more scythes and sickles, just big gobbly machine that chew up the crops. Even the milk maids have gone. I do hear tell that they have a magic machine that sucks the milk out. Any of these new fangled things reached your neck of the woods Chris - hope the inhabitants of Tolpuddle don't get to hear of them!
AWEM (In deepest East Sussex with tongue in cheek)
(Yes Tony - my cheek and my tongue)
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Andrew Mawson
I changed the battery in mine a while ago and was surprised to find a pcb with an IC and several components to control the charge rate. My shaver has an LCD display with charge level and suggestions about when it needs an ultrasonic clean. Chips with everything!
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Have they moved to DAB yet? The last one I played with was on Long Wave not even VHF! Try tuning a radio near it and you will probably pick up the oscillations.
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........of course, I really knew about the 'split' transformer all along (cough), and as for this Sussex nonesense, a fellow in the next village is working on a machine to put you all out of business - just you wait till 'ole Jethroe Tull get's finished - you'll see!
(thanks for all the replies....it's a bit like life itself, really, easy when you know how :)
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Chris Edwards
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Hi Chris,
Jethro Tull, don't make me laugh, you're just "Living In The Past" down there. Sounds like another "Witch's Promise" to me. Apologies of course to those who didn't live through the period of "good" music.
Lost Englishman
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My God, you must be Thick as A Brick Fat Man
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
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Hey, "Locomotive Breath" Is that a "Wind-up" I'll have you know that I'm a "Man of Principle". I might have to meet you "Down At The End Of Your Road" for a little "Mayhem, Maybe". Then again my mother told me that meeting men in "Strange Avenues" would be "Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day" so perhaps I'll have "Nothing To Say" other than you must be another one who has gone from "A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser".
:-)) :-))
Best Regards
Keith "Fallen On Hard Times"but at least still "Looking For Eden"
PS With such a long career it is easy to find the right title!!
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OMG...what have we started....?
Bewildered of Blandford
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Chris Edwards
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Sitting on a park bench - is very non-PC now ...
-- Peter Fairbrother
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Peter Fairbrother
itself, really,
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Indeed Peter, a bit obtuse going for the words though. :-) I'm sure these days he wouldn't be sitting there long before he needed an "Aqualung" for his immediate visit to the deepest village pond.
Chris, don't worry if you are still waiting for the developments to the seed drill it will be another 227 years before these references are of any interest. However, if you want to ride the "Cold Wind To Valhalla" or maybe even "Drive The Young Side Of Life" you will need to look up the music of Jethro Tull (the 1968 incarnation).
Best regards
Keith merely a "Journeyman" at heart
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In article , j>>> > >>
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Aha! A clue. You guys had me quite lost, but now I see, it's dear old Richard Wagner (whose music (according to Mark Twain) "is better than it sounds"). I've always fancied my chances to play in the orchestra as 17th assistant anvil basher in "Reingold": I don't have the patience to scrape stuff off thou' by bloody thou' on a lathe, but I'm a dab hand at boiling it up to a good red and bashing it to more or less the shape I want with the long handled two pounder. Angle grinder does the rest. Or a good swing on the ball of the no.5 fly press. I did get to Bayreuth in my youth, saw a performance of Valkyrie, all those magnificent muscular females carrying the bodies of dead heros to Valhalla on their white horses, with music to suit. Made quite an impression on me.
David P.
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David Powell
Keith expounded thus .........
Oh! The wonders of a classical education :)
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Mike Whittome
Wonders indeed Mike but that particular one belongs to David P; unfortunately I do not have the "tie" to get a ticket for Bayreuth and as a mere mortal, suspect that I will be on my ride to Valhalla before I get to the front of that queue. I do however; go to bed now with the vision of "all those magnificent muscular females carrying the bodies of dead Heros to Valhalla on their white horses, with music to suit". However, with "The Ring" being much more than just the sound that the anvil makes when struck, I now have to somehow fit that in with the picture of 17 "hairy assed blacksmiths" plus Alberich pounding away on =93Das Rheingold=94. Now =93Brunnhilde=94 has already gone to bed and =93Fr= eia=94 left me years ago so I guess any sleep I might get is in the hands of =93The Norns=94.
Why oh why did I just have a =93quick look=94 before retiring for the night?
Best regards
=93Wotan=94 =96 well it=92s my dream isn=92t it
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