Finding the new standard for a old British Std

Hi All
I have an old British Standard no. (Standard 24) which covers
locomotive construction materials and I would like to find a more
modern version. I have checked on the BSI web site and this std is
now out of date and withdrawn and no new std is given for the
particular section I would like to check which is Part 1.
Does anyone out there know of another site (excluding the BSi or its
sales offices) which have records of old BSi stds and their
I am looking for a steel standard for slide bars typically if not a
modern number an older EN series number which I can then try and get a
modern equivalent.
Thanks for looking.
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Steam Train Dave
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You could try a phone call to the British Library. They have all current standards on-line in the library and the staff are usually incredibly helpful over the phone.
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Norman Billingham
Have you checked with those heritage railways or loco restoration groups that may have already changed some? Why reinvent the wheel.
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I'm confused. I can't find BS 24; BS B 24:1991 is a standard for phosphor bronze. BS 2A 24:1962 is a standard for BA and BSF aircraft nuts. Agree with other poster about trying the rail community though.
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