Grinder spindle bearing problem

Not sure if it is Capco but very similar. Donated to me by a group
The parallel spindle runs in two "bronze" Plain taper bearings, each
has a nut at the "small" end to pull the bearing through the tapered
bore to shrink down on the shaft. Nut at the big end to lock the
I adjust the small end nut until the spindle feels "right" in the bush
then lock in postion with the big end nut. However as soon as I do the
spindle locks!
All this relates to the bearing adjacent to the wheel. The other
bearing does not have the same problem.
Checked the bush taper (0.648"/Foot) and it does NOT match the bore
taper (0.586"/foot) yet both the bush OD and the bore ID "look"
original. The bush is tight in the large end of the bore but loose in
the small end. Does not seem correct to me!
Rather than turn the bush OD to match the bore I wonder about building
up the bush taper with solder, then turning to match the bore.
1 If I take meat off the bush it will sit further down the bore
2 Taking original metal off is the last resort.
Having got the bearing correct in the bore, I then consider lapping it
with a wood lap to ensure that it is true with the rear bearing.
Any comments on the above?
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Richard Edwards
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