Harrison M300 - Repaint Advice Requested

Happy New Year All!

I acquired a Harrison M300 a couple of weeks ago. I have fitted an inverter drive, and checked it out mechanically, it seems fine, if a little noisy when run up to full speed (120% of normal) on the inverter. A few minor dings where the topslide has been run into the chuck but little or no sign of wear on bed, cross-slide or leadscrew (which IMO is more important than the odd ding on a non-mating surface).

The paintwork is rather shabby; I realise this makes no difference to function, but it would be nice to improve it a little. At my request the deliverers left it a little away from its final location in the corner (to allow access for rewiring) and if I am to do any touch-up work I guess I should do it now before I have it moved back. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions about the choice of paint (make, type, surface finish, colour) preferably those available in the UK?

S/N of lathe is 305221, which I think puts it in the early 90's, if that makes a difference.

I will no doubt have some more questions as I go further forward. The instruction book, I must say, is very disappointing - took me quite a bit to figure out the various saddle controls - though the wiring diagram was helpful.

My apologies to those on the harrisonlathe yahoo group - I just posted the same question there, and I can see a couple of regulars here among the subscribers to that list.


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I've bought Tekaloid enamel paints for machine repainting jobs, it's tough and brushes well; Avenue Coatings in Slough supply it and can mix any colour to match a sample, so if there are any suitably painted bits that are small enough to post and easily removable, they could match the colour exactly. The finish is very glossy, they can add matting agents but apparently this reduces the flowing qualities and too much will result in brush marks, so if the finish you want is Matt this may not be ideal. Martin

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