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My friend has an old Bridgeport with a Heidenhain VRZ 731 two axis display that counts down but has stopped counting up. Has anyone a circuit diagram so that he can hopefully trace the fault . Many thanks John

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john belt
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John, If you find a circuit please could you post a link to the source. I have one of these displays which is working fine but one day it might not........

Has your friend tried swapping the scales between X & Y and does the fault move from once display to the other?

If the signal from one of the quadrature outputs has been lost then I would expect the display to count one way only.

good luck


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Bob Minchin

On the question of diagrams I too have a Heidenhain but it is a type

300.316 and would like to find a diagram if possible sonebody out there must have an old document under the bench. Have a look John
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