Heidenhain TNC145

My old Bridgeport MDI is controlled by a Heidenhain TNC145, last week we lost the picture on the monitor, so to cut a long story short, it was established that the problem is the TNC. I have a spare TNC145 controller, which came with a Bridgeport series 1 interact. I have fitted this to the MDI, and all works ok, sort off, ? The MDI TNC had 55 lines in the parameter list, the replacement must be newer, and possibly is a TNC145CS, it has more lines for the parameters. To resolve the missing line issue, I copied the remaining parameters from my Interact to the MDI. Seems to work ok, but the drives are very fast, and a bit rough sounding. My questions are:

  1. Has anyone got the original parameters for an MDI, should be 55 lines I think.

  1. Should there be different parameters when replacing the TNC145 with what is possibly a TNC145CS on an old MDI ? If so, anyone got them?

  2. The failed MDI TNC145 would be a pain to fire up after power off, I had to switch the machine main power on and off, sometimes for 20 times to get the TNC to light up, and then eventually it lost video display. Any idea if this a fault with the power supply board, and how to rectify?

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Thanks Bob

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