Please Can Someone ID Electrical Contactors

hello everyone got a breakdown.....all work on latest project stopped because of it

These contactors in my Bridgeport cabinet in the picture are all past their best .. need some new ones .

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I would like to replace them with brand new, old stock ones

so need some info in order ,so that i can ID them. So that I can find new on ebay or elsewhere better still has anyone got any brand new ones as direct replacements.

Yup know they are old ...but I don't want to do any farting around ...just replace them one at a time without chopping wires or improvising .

at the moment my Bridgeport is broken down ..with a fault in there somewhere .

far as i can make out, of the four in there ...there was only one working and both feed motor and head motor were wired to that one until it packed up yesterday...the others have all packed up in the past

so really I maybe need four brand new ones ...

so need search words for ebay ... eg (made up ) lucas type 20/b contactor etc

it may also be the transformer that may be at fault ... haven't checked yet ..

all the best..mark

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They are all 4 pole n/o with motor protection current trips fitted.

Unless you have a slotting head or something else on the aux socket, then only three are used.

2 for spindle motor. FWD/REV and another for the suds pump.

The 4th one is connected to the aux socket.

I have bought new contactors on ebay, but exactly what you want doesn't often come up exactly when you need them!

Not what you wanted to do, but my solution would be to rip the lot out, put them in the bin, and replace them with a single vfd sized for your spindle motor. Simpler, tidier, and other advantages like variable speed. VFD's are always available on ebay!

The suds pump can normally be easily converted for single phase.


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Wayne Weedon

just done some testing

the contactors are OK its the transformer

starts up ...runs for about 30 secs ...then the power trips and the transformer smokes

its not simple Wayne

the feed motor for the table is three phase as well.

and that's how I'm keeping it .. it runs quite happily on its rotary converter .

VFD would not power two motors ...when you try to take advantage of the speeds ...the table speed would get altered as well as the main motor ./. skin flint anyway money to spend on vfd unless someone was giving it away .. as the rotary phase converter ...was new 3 years ago.

anyone got a transformer .

its a Colne 16004

All the best.mark

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I would look closely at the balance between the voltages on the phases - it may be the reason your transformer has let the magic smoke out - shame to do the same to the replacement. What is the transformer? 415 to 110 single phase I suspect but let us know what it says on the rating plate.


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Andrew Mawson

What voltage is the control circuit, I have seen 110v and 24v Bridgeports, mostly 110.

Well that depends, I find it fairly simple.

Your transformer will probably also have a tapping for the low voltage lamp.

Ah that damned awful Bridgeport made contraption eh! Their later DC one was equally as bad. The overpriced Servo products one is weak too, the Chinese Align clone of the Servo feed has has outlived them all.

Well sorry can't help any more, you'll probably have to dig deeper and buy a new transformer if you can't find one going cheap or free.

If you can live without the lamp then a 110v power tool transformer might get you going, but you will have to check if your machine has a

110v control circuit.


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Wayne Weedon

Sorry about replying to my own post but your answers not appearing in google groups .....yet so here goes ..

pic again

formatting link
As far as i can make out the transformer makes

50 volts for the light and 7 volts for the switching circuits ...and that's it

I have a boxford 3 phase transformer of about the same size it makes

12 and 25 volt

do you think the 7 volt can be substituted with 12 volt

yes there was an imbalance of the main 3 phase fuses had made its way half way out....that was the first thing i noticed when opening the you think this wrecked the transformer

Bridgeport transformer connections...refer to pic two thick black to the left coming out of the top

one is 0-50 volts the other is 440 volts

presume these are the main feed inputs

the blue and black is the light

that's on 0 and 50 volts 1 amp

two yellows they are 7 volts 1.2 amp each with green and yellow going to the same zero volt as the lamp blue wire

and that's it ...

could I use resistors to take the boxford one down to 7 volts ...

hardinge/Bridgeport with vat and p&p want =A3200 for transformer

AND Mr braithwait of bridlington never answers the bloody phone.

all the best.mark

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OK try to see if there's any reference to the coil voltage on the contactors themselves. You may have to remove one to see.


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Wayne Weedon

Forget it

but thanks guys for taking the time to answer .

it's now fixed

Two yellow wires were not switching wires they were blanked off inside the knee consul and once were used for optical read-out .. far as i can see transformer was just there for lights and optical readout ..and nothing to do with switching contactors .. so two black wires now taken off

and machine is OK ...and runs .

sorry to mess you around.

all the best.mark

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