Myford Hobbing Attachment

Picked this up today, its worm wheel hobbing attachment for a Myford Done to the plans of Ivan Law in 1997

I intend to put it on ebay... if it will sell ..because it wont go on my smart and brown because it dont have a drive take-off on my lathe.

In the several pages of plans and writeups I had with it says series 7 myford ...would that be ML7

It appears to have a 32dp hobb with it ...and is extreamly well made with very little backlash.

The old guy and the maker who sold it to me is getting on in years and loosing his he could not tell me a lot.

Here are a few pics ..........the two gears with it were made by it and are perfect far as I can tell .

do you guys think this will arouse a lot of interest on ebay ......

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All the best.....mark

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Mark, I'd guess that this is a bit too specialist to create much of a stir on ebay unless you happen to get lucky with a couple of competing enthusiasts. You might want to advertise it in something like MEW?


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Bob Minchin

Hi Mark

Are you still intending to sell?



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sorry .......not sure what to do ..

sell it direct ..


or MEW

not put any thought into it really as ive got to many other things on the go .

all the best.mark

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