help with titanium, please

hi, I saw someone else on here asked for help and got it, so I'm hoping
people are on here still that can help me, since the info on the
internet is
limited. I have sheet titanium with hit or miss markings on
it. it has heat-2955
(possibly cut off by the piece being cut),
MS-7-174, PE-A-TI-6AL (I know this is
partially the titanium alloy
designation/composition), 871, and LAI titanium.
please help, I'm trying
to figure out what I have here.
as far as physical
properties, it seems rather rigid and springy for
only being about .04" thick,
it's between 15 and 20 years old (possibly)
and has a gray color to it.
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oh, and it is aerospace grade.
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--Most likely it's 6-Al 4V. Unless it's reeeeally thin don't try bending it any more than about 30 degrees. Cuts fine; use brand new HSS milling cutters and if you can get it use a good lubricant that's recommended to Ti. I use WestLube cut 1:1 with water and I put it on with a brush along the line of cut and on the endmill as I go. If you can, arrange a spray mister to help remove chips and prevent clogging. --For more on living with titanium you might want to check out the Battlebot crowd; armor is almost all titanium nowadays..
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