I went to market and I bought a

cheap Metric set of holesaws.

They are marked 25.4mm, 50.8mm etc.

Ah Well they were only a fiver.


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Steve W
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That's just funny!


Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

Well, they are marked right. Long live the inch, foot, yard, mile and furlong per fortnight (speed of light 1,802,617,500,000 Furlong/Fortnight)


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Having just acquired a genuine Victorian surveyors chain my campaign is going to be for units to be based on the British Standard Chain, or

22 yards, or one cricket pitch, or one eightieth of a mile. Ten square chains to the acre so nice and decimal friendly to help our continental cousins!


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Andrew Mawson

A friend of mine in Canada recently went to buy some steel bar and related this:

'...want 1" bar please...', 'Sorry sir it's all metric now' 'Oh, err, alright I'll have 25mm...' 'Sorry sir the nearest we have is 25.4mm'

What a gem! Richard

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It was also a surprise to drive over from Michigan to Ontario and find road speeds in Kilometres per Hour, you'd have thought the Canadians would have kept Miles per Hour !

We drove up from Detroit to Marine City and got the small car ferry across the river, consternation at the Customs Post as they hadn't had British visitors for some time, and weren't sure what to do....

Got our passports stamped and off we went.


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Peter A Forbes

Andrew, I see a few problems with the 2400 cricket pitches per hour speed limit. Is that a fast bouncy wicket or a slow low one? It's important as I don't want to get a ticket going through the village or "lift off" from a length, you never know who might catch you.


Confused by spin and pace

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Chain, or

I think you'll fine that the length of most pitches stay constant as the playing characteristics change from slow to bouncy


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Andrew Mawson

Hmm. copper with hairdryer shouts Howzatt! Beak points. off to the dressing room for six months

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand
08:49, "Andrew Mawson"

Hmm, better than the "chain" then although I suppose these new fangled "tapes" will be more stable. I wonder if 2400 times the expansion/ contraction over 20 degrees would be significant. I guess not particularly as we have had little temperature rise this year. I suppose it was made of "low coefficient" material links?

I would have to question your faith in the groundsman. I'm convinced that they had taken a yard out of the pitch length as I got older, perhaps it was these new fangled high speed wobbly balls they use these days. (VBG)

Never Knowingly Underscored

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What, no option for a TV replay. I'll need to call for the third umpire

So many bad decisions!!!

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Surprisingly, I cannot see the joke if there is one. My history book suggests that Canada was French speaking before speaking English. My shopping in Canada has always shown both languages. OK, their French is pretty rough but I have a friend who is writing his second book on English language. Until, I should add, he was corrected by another friend of mine.

And so to the Welsh. Has anyone noticed that they put road signs in Welsh on the roads and by the time the import has been deduced, the car in front has been stuffed.

Indeed, we have been of off-ing and draw-ring and such - you know whilst using nouns as verbs prioritizing - and that.

Sort of casting nasturtions? Oops!


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Of course! Also Gunter's chains had 100 links, each one centichain (or milliFurlong) long.

Time for the tub, and then off to the pub, got to keep up with my Firkin/Fortnight schedule.


David P.

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David Powell

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