Ignorance about gear cutters please help!

I noticed some gear cutters on eBay and wondered how they were used.

Some have what appear to be a taper shank on them and others are similar to horizontal arbour milling cutters, but not!

One of the taper shank types is item number 130077714939 and one of the other types is item number 130077974259 and a thinner type item number 130077720295

From what I can see they would have to be used in some form of shaper setup to cut like a form tool, but not even sure if the middle one would do that.

Can someone more knowledable please explain to me how they would work as I only know how to use standard gear cutters in the lathe or milling machine?

Many thanks


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Adrian Hodgson
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130077714939 is for a Fellows gear shaper with a socket ram

130077974259 is for a Fellows (type) gear shaper

130077720295 is for a Fellows (type) gear shaper


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The ram holding the cutter reciprocates vertically and at the same time rotates at the correct turns ratio to the blank, and the two are brought into 'mesh' bathed in cutting oil until the correct depth of cut is achieved. The gear is effectivesly shaved to size and typically a stack of blanks will all be cut at the same time.

Always wanted a Fellows gear shaper but they are VAST - still I'm looking at a house at the moment with a potential 2000 sq foot workshop


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Andrew Mawson

Well if you fancy a Drummond Maxicut 3A or a spline hobber just get in touch.I have a pdf of the manual for a 2A,the 3A`s the same but bigger. Mark.

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Andrew thanks for the information, nice to become informed along the way.


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Adrian Hodgson

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