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'm pretty certain that Jim posted here now and then as 'pentagrid'
he was the author of a couple of books in the workshop practice series
on electric motors.
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Bob Minchin
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Yes, nice chap met him a few times. Got an email from his son in law today to say he's passed away in September.
John S.
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John S
Indeed he did, he helped me out a few years ago when I was converting a three phase motor to run on single phase -using big capacitors before VFD's were cheaply available. A very knowledgable gentleman, and willing to freely share his knowledge. I had no idea of his background, it sounds like he lead a very interesting life. Certainly a measure of the esteem in which he was held that the company he used to work for have posted such a glowing obituary on their web site.
Regards Kevin
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Very helpful chap. His advice, both in written form and from personal contact has helped me (and I'm sore, others) greatly.
I'll raise a glass
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Charles p

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