Kennedy bench hacksaw

Hi guys,
I've just set up a Kennedy power hacksaw which I recently bought via I've just tested it on a bit of 1" bar which it
seemed to make short work of, but I got the impression from the
groaning as it cut that it was downfeeding a bit rapidly. Further
fiddling around reveals that the oil dashpot which controls downfeed
doesn't seem to be able to limit the downfeed to a suitably slow rate,
suggesting that the light machine oil which I put in it is, in short,
too light! So, has anyone used one of these saws before and, if so,
what oil did you use? I've got some slideway oil in stock as well,
plus some Tellus 27 - I reckon the Tellus would be too thin but the
slideway oil might be worth a go? The originally specified oil was
Wakefield V - not much chance of finding that for sale now, but does
anyone know a modern equivalent?
Any suggestions would be great, as I could do without keep having to
empty and refill the dashpot in a bit to see if any of the oils I have
to hand are any good....
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When I had one the oil was much thicker than "light machine oil". Probably used SAE 30 that was lying around. If I wanted it to cut quickly I suppose I should have used Castrol R! Never had a problem with it.
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Charles Ping

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