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Sorry folks just a test. Virgin media have forced me to change from the old ntl news server. Since I've not seen a single message in here!

Or perhaps the whole group is pissed at Harrogate.


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Wayne Weedon
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Same here! Took me ages to get the usenet groups back, especially as the text server they claim is unaffected has no posts after 2006 for this group. I tried changing the server (in OE) but that didn't work, I had to set up a new account for I can see all the messages back to the changeover and well before, in fact the new server has 2 x as many messages archived as the old one did, just took a while to download 20K messages. Martin

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Martin Whybrow

I see you fine.

Wes, on the colonial side of the pond.

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Some of us are pissed, and not at Harrogate ..

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Peter Fairbrother

On or around Sun, 11 May 2008 03:34:25 +0100, Peter Fairbrother enlightened us thusly:

and some are neither., YKIMS.

and yes, you have to pay, but it's only a few quid a year and I can count the server failures on the fingers of one hand since the days it was cis.dfn, just goes to show, things can be reliable if you run 'em right.

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Austin Shackles

formatting link
For a free text only news server. You can post and read using this news server all you need to do is register with an email address along with a password and a declaration that you are over 18. It is fairly reliable but it has gone down for several days which can be quite annoying.


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Hi Wayne,

Best method I found was to get to the properties of your current news server and change that over to then unsubscribe from all your newsgroups. resubscribe to allow the new server to download details of some 70k newsgroups (it used to be about 30k groups only affew years ago!!) then resubscribe to the NGs you want selecting whether you want all or just the last 500 messages. In this wa you avoid getting two of everything.

Lastly don't be tempted to click on the instructions in the VM posting cos that is about the old server - tossers!!



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Bob Minchin


Got there in the end. I had to download a couple hundred thousand headers from the 7 newsgroups I'm subscribed to to get it all to work.

Half the problem has been that here in Poole virginmedia has given a dire service this week. I had about 36 hours with virtually no broadband. news server timeouts did not help much!

I've been pretty fed up with them most of the week!


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Wayne Weedon

I use Winvn and just changed the nntp server to in the config options. works a treat!


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kevin heyes

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