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anyone lurking or is this newsgroup literally a ghost town? does the group even propagate?

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Am 09.12.20 um 20:48 schrieb

it still exists, but the last post is from 2018-04-30.

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Alexander Goetzenstein

Seems kinda dead.

Remove 333 to reply. Randy

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I've wanted a place on Usenet to talk about home 3D printers since I built one in the early 2010s, but this place never looked right for that while it was alive (though better than any other English-language newsgroup).

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Computer Nerd Kev

that may have been welcome here last i was on usenet a bit over a decade ago. that is talking about home built 3D printers. would have been a whole lot better than all the political nonsense that infested the group at the time.

company i'm at has a fairly new, couple years old, EOS M 290 3D printer. they've done some aluminum, quite a bit of titanium, and are now doing

17-4PH. i'm not involved in any of the 3D printing itself though there's always secondary CNC machining on the parts so i've done my fair share of that.

also have a Markforged Mark Two for plastic, but they grabbed that and took it to the main building for the engineers to play with.

it does appear people are checking back here from time to time. perhaps a revival can be sparked somehow.

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