low voltage bulb

I have a late 60's Holbrook lathe that uses a 50V bulb in the low
voltage machine lamp. The bulb has two contacts and a smaller screw in
base than the "edison socket" used in the states. Does someone know
where I could purchase these? Thanks.
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Two contacts with a screw cap? That seems unlikely to me. There is a 'small edison screw' (SES) cap, but that will only have a centre contact.
If it came from a large firm, it's just possible they had specials to avoid pilfering or people putting low voltage bulbs in mains sockets. I have two machines, ex- ICI, with bayonet cap lampholders, standard except for three bayonet pins instead of two. Try buying those in your local B&Q
Cheers Tim
Tim Leech Dutton Dry-Dock
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I had to get something similar a few weeks ago. 50volts and standard bayonet cap.I found these at CPC. they also had some screw cap ones but not needing this type, I did not pay much attention to the others they stocked.
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