Mikron tapers

Does anyone happen to have a spec for the taper Mikron used in their older
gear hobbers and lathes for the headstock and tailstock. It's 'about' 8.1
degrees included angle, about 35 mm long and approx 15mm at the fat end.
Andrew Mawson
Bromley, Kent, UK
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Andrew Mawson
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My Mikron hobber, which is pretty old, uses what I believe to be a modified W20 collet (20mm shank & 20 x 2 buttress thread). I think that was standard on some of their lathes, too. Doesn't sound like what you're describing, though :-(
Cheers Tim
Tim Leech Dutton Dry-Dock
Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs
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Thanks for that but yesterday I went through a series of trial cuts and the defining bit of the taper is 35 mm long, 10mm at the small end and 15mm at the big end and fits like a glove when 'blued'. In practice the taper extends up to 15.17 and down to 9.55 (and so is about 35.125 long) on the centres I got with the machine.
My idea is to have arbors with the taper defined as 'G code' so I can easily just set the size of the parallel part that holds the gear blank and cut them on my little cnc lathe.
Andrew Mawson
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Andrew Mawson

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