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9 am yesterday a big lorry delivered a large wooden box outside my front
door - it wouldn't fit inside, so my plans to use a piano dolly to get
it up the stairs were null and void.
Instead, with the help of a kindly neighbour, I opened it and dismantled
the X3 mill inside, carrying the pieces up the stairs by hand - not too
hard, except for the column, which I perhaps should have dismantled
more. Only a little blood, and thankfully it didn't rain, but it was
bl**dy cold work.
Anyway, I have a couple of questions. First, it came with a wedge, about
4" long 1/8" thick - it's described as an "oblique wedge" in the
Chinglish packing list - but what's it for?
Second, the operating end of the main shaft, which has a MT3 taper, also
has a couple of metal squares bolted to it - again, what are these for?
Lastly. it doesn't have a gas strut on the Z axis - it doesn't have any
holes for a strut either. Struts are available for £25 or so, but are
they worthwhile?
-- Peter Fairbrother
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Peter Fairbrother
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If you fully extend the quill you will see a slot, the wedge can be used through this to eject taper tooling but I find it better to undo the draw bar half a turn and tap with a copper hammer.
The two metal squares are to take a spanner so the spindle can be locked but I find that a firm grip of the toolholder etc is all thats required when undoing the draw bar.
I don't have a strut, you will soon get a strong right arm from cranking the head up ;) Its not really a problem.
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Is it an ejector wedge for the MT3 in the spindle similar to what you would find on a drilling machine/large hand drill to use to remove the chuck/Morse Taper drill?
Alan Bain
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Alan Bain
Y'rright and thanks. It also locks the spindle.
I didn't realise because you have to lower the quill to expose the opening, and I hadn't done that :-0
-- Peter Fairbrother
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Peter Fairbrother

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