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Hello looking for some help from the electronics people I have got a Mitutoyo GM type dro counter that has the round 6 pin connectors that take the AT2N type scales which work fine but I bought 2 AT112 later type scales with 15 pin D type connectors and wonder if they are compatable by changing the sockets on the back of the readout to 15 pin D type I know you can get round to 15 pin D connector adaptors from Mitutoyo but they want about =A390.00 each for them and I could buy a new DRO from Singapore for not much more than that so hoping that someone might have some of the answers or other ideas ( such as a cheap 2 axis readout with the correct connectors .) Thanks Colin

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Been there. The only solution that I found was the Mitutoyo adapter. Got lucky and bought one from the US for $20 including postage (Ebay).They come up 3 or 4 times a teay for $5-10 There's the upmarket version on at the moment - the PSU. It gives greater resolution options than the plug-in. Item number



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