model car garage

I am making a garage for toy cars. I have cut a piece of 4mm ply 2 feet by 2
feet and am using more ply the same for walls for the garage. Have drawn up
a road and built a ramp down from the roof of the garage. The ramp has 2
corners on it and the game is to drive the car off the top level car park
onto the ramp and then let the car go free and it will run down guided by
the walls of the ramps.
I used body filler for the outside walls but it was so rough the cars
stopped. I used the plastic packaging from a new windscreen wiper as a
surface to mould against and the surface is perfect, although it is uneven
in bits where my mouldings were discontinuous. Does anyone know of a better
way to create smooth surfaces on such a project as the corners of a toy car
Maybe I should try clamps. The work I am doing, using the techniques I am
using is very time consuming and I require to hold everything in place while
the plastic goes off.
Any suggestions will be gladly recieved.
Thank you
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Billy H
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I'm assuming you mean car body filler?
You can't mould it to a finished surface, you have to work on it after it's set
Use a dremel (or just wet & dry abrasive paper and elbow grease): sand the filler smooth spray with primer sand with finer grit and sand some more (and some more(and more))
Then spray with clear laquer for a perfect finish -
if it can be done on a car, it can be done on your model.
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yes, what else? it's for cars :oD *bears a silly grin*
I got a good finish using the plastic from the wiper wrapper, the filler doesn't stick to it and it has a smooth surface. For all the ramp however, I'd have a job to get a continuous smooth finish from a 'jig' or mould of the stuff. Clamps seem best idea for now.
Elbow grease and wet and dry for the bits between.
What is dremel?
where's your putty? you didn't mention putty!
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Billy H
google is your friend.
It's a small, powerful motor attached to a chuck. You can buy fittings and tools which fit in the chuck - engravers, circular saw blades, sanding disks, cutting disks, router blades, polishing heads, grind stones etc. - they run from about 30 quid to 150+ depending on batteries/mains power and included accessories.
Cheap versions can be had for about a tenner on ebay (but I wouldn't bother - go for the real deal)
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I don't use putty - if there's a gap, melt some more welding rod in there :.)
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My poor ol' garage would get sunburn :o(
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Billy H

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