Hello folks,
Can any body tell me of the existence of
groups or clubs covering model engineering in northern ireland,
particularly local to Belfast or East Antrim area?
Many years ago I believe a club known as THE BELFAST MODEL ENGINEERING
CLUB...existed,are any remnants of it left?
I have just had a custom built workshop built,and am now in the
of putting in some machinery,....SUPER7 MYFORD.what would be a good
2n/d hand price u/k?
Any suggestions as to an equivalent comparison lathe to super7
in u/k?
All the best for now,
and thank you in advance for your help,
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John, The Belfast & County Down Miniature Railway Society are listed in the current edition of the Southern Fed. Handbook. Not sure if they are a general model engineering club or a railway society.
This is extracted from the entry......
Location of premises: Upper Gransha Road Donaghadge, C. Down
Club site: Off Killaughey Road
Running days: 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month
Unfortunately, no other contact details are listed however a quick search throws up the following:
Secretary: 10 Leslie Hill Cresent, Donaghadee. BT21 0HX
Tel 028 9188 2013
I have not confirmed these details though....
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Pat Martindale

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