New Model Railroad club forming

Non-political, non-religious, non-sexual, non-identity, non-racial, non-eco nomic, non-leftist, non-rightist, non-different, non-indifferent, non-geogr aphic model railroading club forming.

Members will take the pledge to discuss only MRR in the chosen scale before , during, and after meetings. No references to real world issues or opinio ns shall be permitted. Failure to follow the rules will subject the miscre ant to immediate expulsion and hefty fines, and/or long jail terms.

If you cannot leave your prejudices at home and just enjoy some time with f ellow model railroaders without dropping bigoted comments about the room yo u need not apply. Eating, drinking, smoking, touching, sleeping, screaming , joking, and temper tantrums not permitted.

Members must publicly repeat the New Model Railroaders' Creed before each m eeting, before each meal, and before sleeping:

"I am a New Model Railroader, I shall not want (except the newest control s ystem and latest model run).

New Model Railroading is my political party of choice, and I blindly vote t he party line.

New Model Railroading is my religion, and I blindly follow the precepts set forth in the New Model Railroaders' Creed.

New Model Railroading is intolerant of any other gauge. It is my race and my sexual identity and/or preference.

There is only one Main Line in New Model Railroading. To step off the trac k - to the left or right - or to show any interest in non-New Model Railroa ders is abhorrent to all New Model Railroaders.

I am a New Model Railroader, and I adhere to the strictures of the club, wi ll tolerate no deviations from the standards, and will never ever, by actio n or inaction, permit the train to jump the track."

The New Model Railroaders' Club is an exclusive group that will work hard f or it's members and help uncover other groups and individuals to exclude ba sed solely on differences.

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