Save the Citrus Empire Model Railroad Club

The Citrus Empire Model Railroad Club is being forced out of the Los Angeles County Fair Grounds in Pomona. The Citrus Empire is one of the oldest model railroad clubs in the Los Angeles Area and the only public O Scale club in the area. They have been in their current location under the grandstands at Fairplex for well over a half a century. Now Fairplex management is forcing them out. The Original Whistle Stop in Pasadena has a supply of prepared letters to Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Gloria Molina and Don Kanbe on hand, ready for your signature. Please stop in and lend the Citrus Empire your support by signing the letters. Together we can save the Citrus Empire and prevent the passing of a Southern California and model railroading landmark.

Other suggestions: Contact the Citrus Empire via Lou Houlemarde at 760-244-0936. Send the LA County Supervisors your own personal letter via US Mail. Contact the LA County Supervisors by phone. Send them an e-mail (Regular US Mail is usually much better) Send a letter to the Editor of the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers. Call radio and TV stations and let them know of the situation.

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

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Model Railroading is Fun! (but not forever?)


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David J. Sanchez
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Wow, that is sad. I guess the almighty dollar and demand for the space the layout occupies holds sway. Every time I've gone to the Fairplex that layout has been one of my mandatory stops. Unfortunately I now live in Houston so my opinion to the supervisors is probably meaningless.

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Rick Jones

Go for it, all the same. They may be sensitive to loss of tourist dollars.

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John Miller

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