Model traction engine tyres

I'm looking for a source of rubber sheet for some traction engine tyres. The engine is 1.25" scale so I guess the tyres ought to be about 6mm thick. The rear wheels are about 187mm diameter, 40mm wide and smooth. Historical accuracy is not essential but I'd like the tyres to look more like traction engine tyres than flat sheets of rubber stuck on.

Can anyone recommend a supplier of tyre-like rubber material, and suitable ways of gluing it onto the wheels? I don't want to remove the wheels for vulcanisation etc.

All advice gratefully received as I am a relative newcomer to steam engine ownership.


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Martin Cooper
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Don't know if this is any help - try a printing firm for some old litho blankets - about 3mm thick, so you could glue two strips together.

Alternatively - what about epoxy resin rolled across a suitable surface (such as a lego tyre?) and left to set?

I s'pose it depends whether you want a working model or appearance

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If you're prepared to laminate try a couple of thicknesses of lorry or tractor inner tubes. Then melt a tread into the surface.


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Ken Parkes

Check out your local toy shop/ supermarket etc.

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Hi Martin,

No matter how hard I've tried over the years I was never able to get a nice almost seamless fit for model tires using rubber strips or the like. I have seen some folks turn a piece of black plastic to size. I also even used the hard rubber heel of a shoe or even purchased a cheap rubber hammer, removed the head and turn this down on a lathe to make a tire. A bit difficult but does give a nice real rubber feel. The other ideas involve using a RTV silicon poured into a mold. Cost is very expensive for the material. (Here in the States I've used Devco Flex

90) If you remove the air bubbles then it will work very well although you will more than likey need to add some extra chemicals into the mix to in or decrease the durometer rating to a more desired tire you are seeking for your model.

S> I'm looking for a source of rubber sheet for some traction engine tyres.


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