Lima traction tyres/tires: a solution

For anyone looking for Lima traction tyres (and possibly other traction
tyres) I think I have found a solution based on suggestions from this
group and de.rec.modelle.bahn. The Hornby and Wrenn traction tyres seem
to be too thick for the grooves in the Lima wheels, but the Märklin tyres
are thinner. The Märklin tyres also seem to have been successfully used
for Roco, Rivarossi and Bemo.
Unfortunately Märklin do not give out the dimensions of their tyres
(which are readily available in the UK from Gaugemaster). I have,
however, managed to glean the following information (TD=tyre/tire
diameter, WD=wheel diameter)
7151 - TD: ?, WD: 9.6 mm?
7152 - TD: 13 mm, WD: 22.5 mm.
7153 - TD: 11.5 mm, WD: 14-16 mm.
7154 - TD: 8 mm, WD: 12 mm.
7151s are apparently rarely used and hard to get hold of.
I have just put 7154s on my Lima Class 50 and Class 73 and so far they
work great, better than the Lima originals. I hope this helps, but you
may want to verify this information before you buy. Use them at your own
risk. I have no connection with any of the companies mentioned by the
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Gerald H
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