Oil and grease guns and nipples

I think I need to get an oil gun. Can you tell whether you should be applying oil or grease by the shape of the nipple ? Grease nipples seem to have a ball fitting on the end, and I have some nipples on a lathe which apparently need oil and just taper to a flat end. Then I have some old electric motors with ball ended nipples, so can I assume they need grease ?

And if I need an oil gun, then where do I get one and do I need a special type for oil nipples ?

I realise this is a dangerous thread to launch, so please try to resist the obvious digressions and stick to machinery lubrication.....


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Jim Lugsden.

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James Lugsden

In January last I bought a Reilang 200ml Pressure Oiler from Blackgates, which solved all my Myford oiling problems. £26.37 including VAT and postage. I've just looked at their site and I see that the illustration now shows a brass tube and an oiling 'tip' rather than the flexible tube and oil nipple attachment as on mine. I'm sure the nice man at Blackgates will have the same model as mine if you ask him. Unfortunately the invoice doesn't show the model number. The Reilang is a quality product.

Why Myford's can't supply a decent oilgun is beyond me - they've only been making lathes for about 70 years. Perhaps they just need more time.

I write only as a satisfied customer of Blackgates Engineering, etc, etc . . .

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Thanks Jim,

I have only ever had a lever-arm grease gun with a fitting for bulb type nipples, that being the only type you find on the cars I have had. So what I need is an 'ordinary' push-type gun for the nipples without the bulb on the end. This type of gun can presumably be used for either oil or grease - or is an oil gun different (to stop the oil running out).

I can't see how this would work with a flexible tube as described by "Gravity Arm", presumably the Myford nipples are the bulb type.

I took a chance and put grease in the two antique AC motors - looks like I guessed right.

Another minor mystery explained. Thanks, Steve

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