Oxy Propane problem

I am a newbie with this group, but not a Newbie at working with Metal, OK a
little rusty I guess. I am just entering the realms of Qxy Propane, even t
ho I am not a welder but do have experience with Brazing and Silver solderi
ng + arc welding be it a few years ago.
I have a portable Harris Oxy Acetylene Kit that I have decided to go with P
ropane Disposable Bottle, yes I have purchased new hoses Grade T. I am not
sure what the single tip I have with the Kit is but have always been able t
o Silver Solder and Braze with the Acetylene, but now I have switched to Pr
opane I cannot seem to keep the torch alight, it just blows out, and also k
eeping the flame on the torch seems to be a struggle.
I have seen somewhere where the tip is modified, like drilled out .1" deep
to help with this situation. Does any one know about this and how much larg
er is the the recessed part, is it the original orifice x 2 or a similar fo
All Clues to help me sort my situation will be greatly appreciated, I am mo
re of a Hobbyist now, meaning I use it when needed
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I switched from OA to OP and was told to add a small cone in the end of the tip with a countersink, I don't think size is too critical but some of the ones I've done are maybe 3x the tip hole size. I haven't done all of them though and while maybe more prone to blowing off initially when adjusted OK they seem fine and stable in use.
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David Billington

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