Polystyrene kit question

Not sure if this is the kind of model-making you folks are into in this NG,
(I've only lurked for a little while) so I hope you'll be gentle with me.
I have a shedload of polystyrene kits of spacecraft models, many quite
rare, in my attic, just waiting to be built "one of these days". All are
in their original boxes. They've been there around 8 to 10 years now.
Divorce and changed priorities have delayed construction of any of the
models :-)
My question is, does polystyrene deteriorate at all from the effects of
temperature extreme? The temperature in the attic can go just below
freezing in winter and reached about 45C last summer, which was the
hottest on record in the UK. Are my polystrene models likely to crumble to
dust in my hands when I take them out of the box, or at least become brittle
or something?
Thanks for your time.
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Andy Clews
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You might like to try the news group :- rec.models.scale .....as they have quite a few post of scale models to which you refer. Another option is to use the google newsgroup search for "polystyrene models"
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Alan Marshall
My guess is that, like many plastics, the major enemies are UV radiation and solvents.
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree
Hello! Over on this side of the pond, I have some kits that are 35+ years old and have been stored in an unheated garage in Texas for the past 15 years. The high can be as much as 110 degrees F [43C] and 100% humidity in the summer and down to 20 degrees F [-7C] in the winter. No damage to the styrene, but the decals are rather sad.
My guess is that the decay rate of polystyrene is roughly equal to that of lead (Pb).
Go forth and build, it will take your mind off all the other things going on.
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Dr. Spiff
Thus spake Dr. Spiff unto the assembled multitudes:
Thank you Dr Spiff, I feel more at peace with myself now :-)
Oh and thanks to others for your comments also. Much appreciated.
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Andy Clews

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