Propellant Rocket Engineering book

Sorry to bother you guys here but Parish's 45 pager on Liquid
Propellant Rocket Engineering is back on ebay, this time starting at
0.99c. That's eBay-OZ but should be visible (and an easy air-mail) to
US or UK. We are talking 1954 but there maybe a few nuggets in there.
(I wouldn't know one if it bit me on the arse - rockets=Nov 5th to
A search throws up an interesting price range for this
Have a look via an ebay search on 250516922522.
Cheers - Bob
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Got any book on spam for sale?
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Bob Minchin
If he posts one more, I think I'll bid, not pay, claim I did and leave him bad feedback :)
The only way to deal with spamming t*******s.
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Cliff Ray

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