Pultra 1750/1770 Manual

I am trying to find out what lubricants Pultra recommended for use
with their small lathes for the headstock bearings and for the thrust
bearings in the PR2 cross slide. The later is a most impresively
designed cross slide given its size; feedscrews are threaded 40tpi and
instead of the usual bronze nut with a slit which can be closed up for
backlash adjustment, each feedscrew a pair of threaded bronze nuts whose
separation can be adjusted.
Does anyone have a manual for something like a Pultra 1750 or 1770 which
might contain this information?
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Alan Bain
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Yes I have a manual and it recommends any of the following oils: TSD 429 from Shell High speed spindle oil SO2 from Duckhams Supramor light spindle oil from Manchester Oil Refinery Vitrea 13 from Shelmex BP Velocite oil N.6 from Mobil Hyspin 40 from Castrol
That's not really very helpful to you because all those brands have long gone, so let me tell you that I use ISO 32 hydraulic oil in my PR2, just the same as my Myford, and it works fine.
Cliff Coggin.
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Cliff Coggin
Mobil Velocite N.6 is still available on eBay in 2022
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