Sandpaper woes

I have quite a lot of sandpaper, including some expensive stuff, and it
is getting a little tatty. I thought I should buy something to keep it
in, so I bought some not-so-cheap Really Useful boxes which hold A4 size
Great boxes, except it turns out that sandpaper is not A4 210 x 297, it
is wider and a little shorter, 232mm x 280 mm. And it won't fit.
Anybody got any suggestions for a sandpaper storage system?
Peter Fairbrother
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Peter Fairbrother
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I use ziplock plastic bags to avoid mutual contamination from one grade to another, but I only have a few sheets of each.
How about a small Bisley filing cabinet?
Clifford Coggin Kent England
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Clifford Coggin
I also keep at least the expensive ones in ziploc bags - not foresight on my part, they came that way.
A bit overkill - and would they fit? The Bisleys I have come across are A4.
Peter F
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Peter Fairbrother

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