Simple oscillating 45 degree engine

I`m looking for some info on building a oscillating based on these
formatting link

Most of it seems OK but I can`t understand the inlet and exhaust
arrangement. There is a detail box B which shows the exhaust as
straight but the inlet is a L shape. This is my second build ( first
McCabe Runner succesful) I might be missing something really simple
but if anyone has built a engine of this type and can explain the
valve arrangemet I would be most grateful. Other tips also welcome.
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Paul M
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Isn't it simply a mixture of space available and where you want the inlet and exhaust connections to point?
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You could ask on this site, they tend to build a lot of engines from bar stock on there, so may find someone thats made it.
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I did a screen print to PDF of the "better (and clearer)" print, and was able to zoom in to the "Frame" drawing. It seems to me that "Note 'A'" is a detail looking down on the top face of the frame, and "Note 'B'" is is a cross section through the frame at the point indicated by the arrows, as seen from the right hand end looking along the frame. I hope this helps.
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Gary Wooding

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