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Hi Charles,
I've just spotted this on Chris Heapy's adverts pages
#12869 Posted: 20th October FOR SALE: Kennedy Power Hack Saw...It Is In Good Condition And Works A Treat ...Ideal If You Are Short Of Space And Don't Like Hard Work !... £135
Garry Holloway, Worcester, 07811110616 Gary at
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Bob Minchin
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On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 20:26:52 GMT, "Bob Minchin"
Thanks for the pointer - I'e been away on holiday and had missed it.
However I've looked at the plans available and reckon it's easy to make one - after all it's not a precision peice of kit is it. I've also found a large 90degree reduction gearbox living under the bench that'll handle a 1/2 hp motor that I have......
Whilst on hols I did some thinking and have a single phase Alba 1A shaper that I'll be parting with soon. If anyone is interested please get in touch.
Charles Ping
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Charles Ping
Could not the stroke of the shaper be adapted to push a hacksaw?
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Airy R. Bean
I just bought a benchmaster senior hacksaw but the parts for mounting the blade are missing and a made up clamp in there place.
Does anyone have one of these they can send me pictures and measurements to put her back the way she should be......?
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