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Hi all, Slightly off topic, I am making some display frames for some valuable historical mechanical parts, basically box picture frames. What is the best type of masking tape or similar to use to secure the back board to the frame - I want it to last and I think ordinary masking tape will "dry out" any thoughts folks ?

Mark G.

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Mark G
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Mark Hi,

I do a little watercolour painting and if you want the "real deal" for preservation then something like this is best :

formatting link
$4-Framing/Frame-Sealing-Tape As you will see, it is not cheap!. Personally I use the "gummed paper" which is available for a few pence from any art shop but of course while it does not discolour like masking tape it will lift off if in a damp environment. I would not use ordinary masking tape for anything likely to be about for more than a year or two.



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I agree with Keith - if its valuable and you want it preserved 'for posterity' - use the right stuff. Masking tape is funny stuff. It is desgned to do the job it is meant for - i.e. to provide a short term barrier. a 25M roll of the right sort of tape for about =A38.00 seems a reasonable price to me if the project is important enough. Otherwise anything would do (Duck / Duct tape etc) but they all have limitations. Maybe your local college has an art dept that could advise further - or you might even be able to beg a bit if its only a small amount?


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Lion picture farming supplies in Birmingham

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has a huge range of tapes.

They claim to be wholesale only but I've bough from them by mail and over the counter without any trouble

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Norman Billingham

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