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Hi all

I have tried several times in the past to have a look at this newsgroup and while the mirror copies on the web provide the content I failed every time I tried to subscribe direct.

As it turns out I have never had to set up the 'bt news' path since none of the other newsgroups that I have used for YEARS are actually on the 'public' news network ;)

I have just spent a long couple of hours going through various paths to find out WHY I was getting 'newsgroup does not exist on xxx' and trying to find the address of the uk usenet server which of cause was the wrong question to be asking ;)

I'm using Claranet for hosting and had been using Globalnet for access, but of cause BT now provides the broadband since they had the strangle hold on installation a few years ago. ( I'm still having problems where customers have poor broadband access - until they 'change' to BT direct ;) - the ISP's are dealing with that one :) )

So my general NEWS setup was still looking at the Claranet and Globalnet proxies, but was not being used. I had to change that to look at the BT proxy and here I am - finally.

I prefer the eMail based lists since management/searching is easier but there has been some interesting activity here which I would like to join in with :)

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Lester Caine
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I got broadband from Nildram a while back, completely painless and extremely reliable, several friends have done the same with no problems at all. I set my news reader to and typed the password in, done!. Other ISPs seem to have a lot more problems, a couple of non-computer literate friends were told to go to AOL to "avoid the hassle" and guess what they got, lots of hassle and total crap service.


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It is worth noting that many of the service providers are either dropping their news servers, or have never really had any of their own. My former provider in Canada, had a pretty good news server, but this particular newsgroup was not included in the lists of 90 thousand or so groups that they kept. They recently dropped all their news servers completely. It was one of several factors that caused me to go elswhere, and I should have done that ages ago.

Sometimes a conversation with the tech support folks can be all it takes to get a group added to the list, but that is relying upon getting in contact with the correct individual, a circumstance that usually reflects an abundance of luck rather than happening by design.

There are a couple news servers that operate on a subscription basis, that I have seen mention made of, though I cannot quote any names off the top of my head. ISTR the rates varying from free or nearly so to around US$30 per year of access.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

Quite a few of us use

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was free but now costs 10 Euro's a year. It is a text only group but the most reliable known. It is run by a German university. I have used it for many years & the times it has failed I can count on one hand.

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Dave Croft

I have been using them when they were free. It was run by DFN (= Deutsches Forschungs Netz = German Research Network). Very competent people! Filtered all the crap and SPAM, responsive and acting abuse management.


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Nick Müller

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