Tramp oil skimmers

Do I remember that one of our number designed and built a neat little tramp oil skimmer, or am I having a senior moment? If so, any pointers to a drawing?


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Andrew Mawson
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I have a feeling that Nick did. I'm going to one of these days, but there's a lot of other projects before it in the queue :-(

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

this is the one I rememeber:

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Dave S

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Appreciate you may have reasons for wanting a bespoke one, but I just happened to notice these a few days ago:

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At those prices you'd have a hard job justifying a home made job unless you have special needs.

Shame you didn't ask sooner - the £143 job was on special offer at £125 in last month's flyer, but that ended last week.



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David Littlewood

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