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The upgrade to my Triac has now got past the point of no return, so
I'm selling all the parts I have removed from it. If you are in need
of any Parts just search for "denford Triac" on ebay. I have started
everything at £1 with no reserve -I'd rather they went to someone who
can make use of them than the skip.
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Kevin, I hope that you have the same success that I enjoyed selling all the innards of my Triac on eBay a couple of years ago - iirc they went for something of the order of £475 having started at 99p. I was amazed that there was so much interest as the basic control is a bit of a dead loss !
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Andrew Mawson
Could've used the tape drive as a spare for our CNC engraver, will keep an eye on the front panel and see what it goes for.
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Peter A Forbes
I'd be delighted with a fraction of that Andrew. The original controller was OK for the time, about on a par with a TNC145. Not much use for full 3D work though, which I want to do on the machine -hence the upgrade.
Regards Kevin
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