Using a surface grinder to sharpen planer blades

I need to sharpen my HSS planer blades and was wondering whether this
was a task for the ancient unloved surface grinder that's languishing in
the corner of the workshop, or whether I should make a simple jig and
use a diamond plate.
What do the more experienced readers suggest?
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Depends on the travel that you have on the surface grinder and the length of your blade. My J&S 540 hasn't quite got enough travel to do my Dominion Super Elliot planer blades :(
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Andrew Mawson
They're only 200mm blades so there's no problem with travel. I've just tried a test run with the blade held in a small angled machine vice that was mounted on the magnetic chuck and set to the bevel angle of 40 degrees. The blade was carefully set parallel to the table with a DTI. The resulting grind took more from the central area (that was in the 2" vice) than the ends so I'm now wondering whether I need to support the blade along it's full length. I'm new to this sort of thing so would be grateful for any suggestions for a better set-up.
PS. I'd wondered about getting the planer blade jig for the Tormek grinder - until I saw the price!)
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