Digital micrometer

Was thinking about splashing out on a digital micrometer, can't always
be bothered to read two scales and calculate a real reading on a manual.
This was intended mostly for measuring on the manual lathe to about a
hundredth (is there a better term?) of a mm, or 0.01mm; but then I saw
formatting link

Anyone have one? opinions?
Spent much of today cutting an accurate large fine thread, single point
on a lathe, on a part I'd been working on for a while, heyy it all
measures in spec - but somehow I cut it left-handed ..
red red wine (afterwards) - makes me forget ..
-- Peter F
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Peter Fairbrother
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Sorry if my post has already appeared but I got an error message from my news server that because of a problem it would be bounced back to me - it hasn't.
Although the display reads to 0.001mm that isn't the accuracy. Further down the page is says Accuracy: .002mm so I assume +-0.002 mm like the one here:
formatting link
so if true is still within the accuracy that you wanted.
from this Hong Kong based ebay seller but you'll have to wait 2 - 4 weeks for it to arrive and if it isn't what you want you will need to start all over again. It is unbranded and cheap which probably means it is a grade B product rather than grade A required by the factory's large commercial customers.
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